Planet Pron - 8.9



  • Tons of great amateur and professional content
  • Very fast loading videos and pictures
  • Works well on 7- and 10-inch tablets
  • By far the best pricing for Pro and Premium accounts
  • Pictures arranged in sets
  • Custom-tailored feed makes the app feel just for you
  • Privacy and discrete options
  • Updated Daily


  • Can’t save videos or pictures for offline use
  • No search function
  • Some categories like BBW and Mature do not have too much content
  • Free version does not include all features

Planet Pron is the cleanest and fullest experience we have come across in our search for the best porn on Android. It offers an app experience that just isn’t attainable through a website, and goes above and beyond the other app options by providing a sleeker interface, more features, and in most cases, faster loading. its certainly not without its caveats, but Planet Pron sets the bar and will hopefully inspire other apps to implement and improve upon its features.

The first thing we liked about Planet Pron was its native Android design. It looks like a standard Android app and that made us feel all tingly inside. Tapping Pictures or Videos took a few seconds to load, quicker than most webpages, and we were met with a bunch of thumbnails for relevant content. Tapping on one of those thumbnails to view the content is even faster, the loading screen would pop-up for a split second, and this is on a free account which doesn’t promise faster loading speeds. Videos load faster than they do on the YouTube app, and skipping throughout the video was no problem (you could see how much of the video has loaded as well).

The Categories screen presents you with all of the available categories, and allows you to pick a particular category, or choose “All My Selections” to view content from all the categories you have checked off, which was our favorite way of browsing. Make sure you hit the “View More” button, which will give you an endless list of thumbnails that load as you scroll down.

The app claims to have over 200,000 pictures and videos, but it seems to be mostly in the  popular categories: amateur, teen, MILF, blonde, sex, blowjob, anal, etc. Browsing categories such as BBW (obese women), Middle Eastern, or Bondage gives a somewhat limited number of results. Thats not to say it wasnt sufficient, and we were generally very pleased with the content they had (both softcore and hardcore), but hopefully for fans of the less popular stuff, Planet Pron will continue adding content to those categories.

Of course no app is without its quibbles, and there are a few things we’d like to see improved in Planet Pron. First off, it would be great to be able to save content to the phone. Yes, Pro users can add pictures and videos to their favorites for later viewing, but you will need an internet connection to do so. We would also like to see a search feature, so we can find a set later in case we forgot to star it, or search for specific terms.

A few privacy options such as the decoy icon and password locking were welcome well thought inclusions. For the decoy icon (titled Profile Pro) you have to download the link from the Planet Pron website, not from the download button above.

All in all, Planet Pron is the best app we’ve come across, and the best way to get your porn on the go, whether you are a free user or willing to dole out a few dollars for higher quality content. There are a few caveats we hope Planet Pron will take care of, but after playing with this app we strongly believe a mobile web experience will never be able to meet one of an app designed and programmed for the Android platform.